ALA202 Convention

ALA2021 Auction Rules

Tropical Fish and Plants Auction will be held on Sunday, October 24 at 11:00 AM

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham at 3701 N University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33065

  • 1. Auction is free and open to the public.
  • 2. All species of freshwater fish can be auctioned, but livebearers will get priority.
  • 3. Plants as auctioned items are welcomed, with the limit of no more than 10 bags of plants only per seller.
  • 4. Auction staff will accept a maximum of 5 bags of the same type and species of fish per seller.
  • 5. No used equipment will be accepted for action. New equipment will be accepted as donation only.
  • 6. No fish or plant prohibited by law will be allowed or auctioned.
  • 7. No sick fish, deformed fish, permanently damaged fish will be accepted for Auction.
  • 8. Auction chairman has the right not to accept any item(s) based on the auction rules.
  • 9. Pre-registration is avalable at
  • 10. Each participant, Buyer or Seller, must register for bidder card to participate in the Auction. Each participant must bet with own assigned number.
  • 11. For Sellers, anyone wishing to sell an item MUST register with the auction PRIOR to 10:30 am, Oct/24/2021. Pre-registration is avalable at
  • 12. All items for action must be clearly marked by seller with the seller number and item number (example: 1-1,1-2,1-3 where the first number is the seller number and second is the number of the bag). Incorrectly numbered items will need to be corrected by seller, or they will not be accepted for auction.
  • 13. All auction items must be clearly described with the name of the species, quantity of species in the bag, and any other species info that the seller finds necessary.
  • 14. Fish must be properly bagged. No zip-lock bags. If the seller requires re-bagging by the Auction staff for any reason, a $2.00 service charge will be deducted from seller proceeds.
  • 15. Auction split with sellers will be a 70/30. 70% to the Seller, 30% to the ALA/GCAS.
  • 16. Items for auction will be accepted only until 10:30 AM on 10/24/21. No exceptions. Items received after 10:30 AM will be accepted as donation only.
  • 17. Auction items will be available for viewing only prior to the auction. No exceptions.
  • 18. If buyers wish to move an item up in the auction, they must provide the correct item number and pay $3 for each item to registration.
  • 19. No Minimum bids will be accepted for auction items.
  • 20. No checkouts will be processed before one hour after auction begins. No exceptions.
  • 21. All Proceeds from the auction to sellers will be remitted by mail within 15 days from the day of the auction. All sellers must provide correct E-mail and USPS Mail address during registration.
  • 22. The ALA or GCAS accepts no responsibility and affords no guarantee for auctioned fish to the buyer or the seller but will do its best to examine every item before it is auctioned.
  • 23. All items sold ‘as is’. All sales are final.
  • 24. In all disputes the decision of the Auctioneer is final.

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