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ALA 2021 Speakers

ALA 2021 Convention is especially proud to introduce an exceptional panel of speakers, who will cover a wide variety of fascinating topics and specific areas.

Craig started his career in aquaculture in 1974, working at a tropical fish farm in Miami, FL. While in high school, he has also worked in pet shops and Florida Fish Co-op. He served in the Peace Corps in Tunisia, North Africa Masters from Auburn University. Then on to the University of Florida where he helped establish the UF Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory and served as it’s Director since 1997

Originally from Chicago, Joe started in the hobby in the 60’s. He in specializes in water quality breeding fish like discus, angels and rams. He has lectured on behalf of Wardley Corporation being a former Director of Research for that company.. He has developed many products for the hobby including filters and his own homemade fish food.

Born and raised in Brittany, France. After serving in the French Army Karl moved to the US and graduated from the University of Minnesota. He moved with his family in 2004 to sunny Miami Florida where he maintains an outstanding outdoor fish room developing a variety of fancy swordtails following in the footsteps of Dr. Joanne Norton.

Les is president and founding partner of Cobalt International Inc. He is on the board of World Pet Association and MASNA. He is former director of marketing and product manager for Marineland and Instant Ocean. He is responsible for the development of many new and innovative items in the Cobalt product line.

Michael Koeck from Austria, with over 47 years in the hobby, has focused on everything community tank from tetras to livebearers and now maintains an envied collection of goodieds and swordtails. He became the curator of Aquaterra Zoo in Vienna where he specializes in goodieds and Mexican fishes.

Chuck Davis has been doing tropical fish for over 63 years. Relocated to Florida in 1998, Chuck has been collecting in these waters since then. He is a noted author, lecturer and auctioneer. In the hobby some 65 years he will entertain us on the do’s and don’ts of collecting all sorts of tropical fish in the Florida waterway. Chuck Davis also widely known for his artwork of tropical fish, using variety of art mediums.

Ronny is a 73 year old retired civil servant from Sweden. A hobbyist for 65 years. A member of Poecilia Scandinavia since 1977. And active in the organized hobby since 1960. He specializes in Livebearers but his real concentration is Mollies. His lecture will be on molly habitats in the USA and Central America.

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